April 9th 2017

10am - 3pm

Motueka Kai Fest is a wonderful signature event held each year during harvest time to remind ourselves and tell the world about the great food produced in the area. And to have a lot of fun! 

Motueka grows great food, thanks to outstanding water, soil, climate and people; and the Kai Fest brings together our community of many cultures to learn more about and honour one thing which we all have in common - Kai.

Programme: The event will take place on Sunday, April 9th, 2017, from 10am to 3pm on Decks Reserve, in association with Motueka Sunday Market.  View the promotional video to get a flavour. More than 150 food and community stalls will be operating.

The main event will start at 10am, and at 11am there will be a colourful, vibrant pageant and ceremony. A programme of family games will slot in after lunch. Throughout the remainder of the day we have a great line-up of local entertainers on stage and roaming. 

Special guest: NZ cricketing legend John Wright is using the Motueka Kai Fest to launch his music video featuring the song 'Driving into Mot'. You can meet him at the event, and/or get tickets for his concert that night. Book here.

Edge events: In the week of April 1st - April 8th, leading up to the Sunday festival day, the community group Our Kai Motueka is hosting a set of workshops, tours and talks aiming to expand our understanding of food. You can register for events online or at the Motueka i-Site. View the Edge Event programme here.

Stallholders: If you want to apply to host a stall at the Sunday event in Decks Reserve, you need to register. Registration form for food stalls. Registration form for other (non-food) stalls.

Motorhome visitors: This family-friendly event is being promoted by the NZ Motor Caravan Association - parking sites for members are available close to the event location. Details here.

Sponsors and Supporters: We gratefully acknowledge the organisations that have contributed financially to the creation and running of this event. View details about these supporters here.

Well known for its apples, pears, kiwifruit, grapes and wineries, hops and brewers, ciders, boysenberries and other berry crops, herbs, and seafood (the home of Talley's), the Motueka area is one of the most important and productive food basket regions in New Zealand, and the Motueka community is proud to celebrate this.

The event organisers - a group of people from across the Motueka community - aim to renew awareness around harvest time each year of this special part of Motueka life and celebrate it through community gathering, fun, pageantry, sharing of cultures, sampling and learning.

Many people living here do not fully appreciate how lucky we are, how important local food production and quality food is in our changing world, and how much the future of our town depends on a thriving and evolving food production sector. Visitors also are often surprised by how fertile and productive the Motueka District is.

Motueka Kai Fest involves the participation of people from across the whole community as participants, entertainers, artists, food processors, teachers, demonstrators and onlookers. The involvement of schools, community groups, food businesses and producers, and the range of ethnicities (including popular RSE workers) and cultures in the region are central to the celebration.

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